Deltoid Energy | Eficiencia e innovación al servicio de las energías renovables
DELTOID es una compañía española fundada por ImMODO Energy Services (USA) y Arconi Solutions (EU), especializada en la promoción y construcción de proyectos de energías renovables desde 2003. Adicionalmente, brinda servicios de consultoría energética y estratégica y de estructuración financiera de proyectos energéticos.
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DELTOID is a Spanish company founded by ImMODO Energy Services (USA) and Arconi Solutions (EU), specialized in the promotion and construction of renewable energy projects since 2003. In addition, it provides energy and strategic consulting services and financial structuring of energy projects.






Combined Sales


Instaled MWp


Corporate and partner presence in:
Spain, India, USA, Mexico, Chile and Argentina

Development, construction and structured finance for projects valued at more than 800 million dollars

Support to clients in closing contracts
worth more
than 400 millon dollars

Due Diligence
en in more 300 MWp

Operation & Maintenance in more than 125 MWp in several countries

Monitoring of projects in more than 250 MW through own software



DELTOID is an expert in evaluating the feasibility of investment in renewables, aiming to achieve the highest production and profitability for its customers, our services:

  • Selection of Sites
  • Design and Engineering of the installation
  • Management and Treatment of the Promotion
  • Construction (EPC Contracts)
  • Search Financing and / or Aid
  • Start up
Engineering & Construction

DELTOID and its multidisciplinary team has an accumulated experience of more than 200 MWp in projects for Spain, India, USA, Mexico and Chile that allows it to successfully assume the execution of its own projects and of third parties, ensuring that each one is carried out under one Minute planning with products and solutions of maximum quality, supervising every detail agreed as: execution, deadlines and costs. Another of our advantages is the optimal quality achieved at the documentary level in the projects we face, thus exceeding stages such as bankability and financing.

Operation & Maintenance

DELTOID has performed O & M work for more than 125 MWp installed in several countries. We offer comprehensive services that include:

  • O&M Equipment and Components
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Measurements in installed modules
  • Complete technical reviews
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optimized productivity design
  • Cleaning of modules and / or equipment
  • Plant and remote security

DELTOID contributes its experience and technical capacity in all the regulatory aspects and of development of projects in each market in which we are present, such as:

  • Energy Market Analysis
  • Development of renewable projects
  • Project management and control
  • Construction (EPC Contracts)
  • Legal framework and energy regulation
  • PPA Power Purchase Agreements
  • FiT fare system
Financial structuring

DELTOID has proven experience in all forms of renewable project financing. We have an extensive investor network of more than 100 active members including:

  • Private equity
  • Syndicated, Institutional
  • Project Finance Banks
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Search Financing and / or Aid
  • Start up

All of them are among the largest and with more global experience in solar and wind projects.

Control & Monitoring

DELTOID has its own software for monitoring and control, since 2007:

  • Complete monitoring project
  • Totally tailored customer service
  • Meets requirements RD 413/2014
  • Real-time and predictive analysis 48 hs
  • Extraction of data, special reports


  • 10 projects certified by CAISO
  • More than 250 MWp monitored
  • 10 more projects with control of regulation


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Av. Pirineos 7 Planta 3
Tel.: +34 916 59 25 19

DELTOID Canarias
Parque Científico Tecnológico
Gáldar, Of. A3
(35649) La Punta, GRAN CANARIA

Carretera San Martín 8000 B1
Quilicura, Sgo. de Chile, CHILE

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